Our mission is to grow and bolster the game development Industry in Lebanon and connect aspiring game creators across the region.


Where we started

Arab Arcade started as a community initiative created to give a growing number of GameDev enthusiasts in Lebanon a place to share ideas, develop concepts, and build their skills. We emphasize that Game Development is for everyone, not just programmers. We really believe this is a multi disciplinary industry and we try to create teams with varied skill sets to give them the best chance for success. 


building a community one pixel at a time


Our Mission

Arab Arcade aims to bolster the Lebanese Game Development industry by increasing the quantity and raising the quality of games being made here. Arab Arcade grows the Game Development and Design community through various events, and supports the teams that form from these events through followup programs designed to create GameDev startups. 


Get Involved

Game Development is for everyone. If you're an amateur hobbyist, or an experienced designer, bring your A-Game to our events and become part of this awesome community! We enjoy giving our community members the opportunity to get featured. Click on the link below, and tell us about yourselves!